About Us
Our goal is to remain a small breeding program that strives to produce Vizslas that have good conformation, great disposition, and are functional as show, field, and companion dogs.
We began our dog show experience with a Pointer bitch, Ella, in 1997. Ella became a champion and our first therapy dog. We bred her once and kept two dogs out of the litter, both becoming champions. Chief (one of the puppy dogs kept) also gave Barb a start in agility and became a therapy dog, as well as earning a Rally Novice title.
Before the Pointers we bred and showed Appaloosa horses in conformation and pleasure.
Our first Vizsla is Rhett, who is pictured on our home page. His versatility is apparent, and his sister (Tara) is following in his “pawprints.” Her daughter (Reign) achieved her conformation championship, as well as a Group 2, by 11 months old.
We must give credit to Lorac Kennel, John’s brother and sister-in-law Wally and Carol, for providing us with our foundation in both breeds.